The New Year Deals/Black Friday/Cyber Monday/Monthly deals are finally here and they are always the best web hosting deals of the year. With the Promo code WEBYODA, you can save up to 80% off HostGator web hosting package and get your domain name for free as well. With HostGator your WordPress website hosting will cost as little as $2.71 per month and you still get the free domain name as well as a free secure key. The trick is to know how to get the best possible deal and still end up with high quality web hosting. Black Friday Cyber Monday hosting is worthless if the hosting provider is not top notch. This video shows you how to determine the best hosting during the Black Friday Cyber Monday sales, how to purchase your web hosting to get the best deal on quality website hosting, how to insure you get your domain name for free, then how to install WordPress at no cost with one click install. Following that with your choice of 8 different complete video courses on how to make a website a no cost to you.

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